How 12-year-old boy ‘Trapped Inside a Wall’ was Rescued in Ondo State, Nigeria

Source: How 12-year-old boy ‘Trapped Inside a Wall’ was Rescued in Ondo State

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A couple of days ago, a 12-year-old boy was rescued after he was trapped inbetween the wall of a house and a fence in Ondo State.

While, details of what transpired was not reported, Channels Television is reporting that the incident occurred at a bungalow located on 3B Akinfemisoye Street, Oduduwa Area in New Town, Ondo city in Ondo West Local Government Area of the State.

The report stated that the boy fell between the wall of a building and a fence.

According to one of the tenants of the building, Charity Adebayo, the boy, who is suspected to be mentally challenged fell in between the fence and the building.

“We started hearing the boy saying meaningless things from inside the wall,” she said.

Adebayo said that people broke the wall and rescued the boy the next morning, adding that his grandmother later came to pick him up.

Another neighbour, Felicia Olaniyi, the owner of the food canteen at the other side of the house said: “The boy was said to have escaped from his grandmother one evening while she was taking him to a church for healing. The boy must have fallen in-between the walls of the two buildings.”

The report added:

Michael Gbala, a medical practitioner, who also lives in the neighbourhood told Channels Television that he learnt that the boy was mentally deranged.

Determined to get to the root of the matter and more revelations, Channels Television crew proceeded to the church where the boy was taken to by his grandmother for healing, overseen by an old woman, Prophetess Dorcas Adebayo.

Prophetess Dorcas Adebayo said the boy’s grandmother took him away from her church

She explained in Yoruba language that the grandmother brought the boy for healing but later came back to take him away.

She believes the boy must have, in a bid to escaped from the grandmother after she took him away from the church, fallen into the wall.

The old prophetess said she did not know the boy’s whereabouts ever since.

A little boy also gave his account of the story, saying the boy had been taken to the State Specialist Hospital in town. ‎

At the hospital sources said that the boy’s name is Aduragbemi Saka and that he was admitted but had since been discharged.

Channels Television, however, got to know the address of the boy and his grandmother which is at number 11, Okegbogi Street in the town.

On getting to the house, the one storey building was locked with a padlock.

The residents of the street refused to speak to reporters, but however said that they knew the boy but had not seen him for a long time.

p>Source: How 12-year-old boy ‘Trapped Inside a Wall’ was Rescued in Ondo State